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  3. Friday, April 28 2017, 04:10 PM
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http://www.mirye.net/images/products/silkypix/Developer Studio Pro8 Ver.
Mirye Software announces the release of SILKYPIX DS Pro8 8.0.5, DS Pro7 7.0.14 and DS 7 7.1.14 for Mac OS and Windows. This release includes several new fixes and additions, including support for the following cameras and smartphones:

  • [Added] Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus
  • [Added] Canon EOS M6
  • [Added] Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II
  • [Added] Leica M10

Several issues in the Windows version of SILKYPIX DS Pro8 were addressed in this release. If you are experiencing an issue with the Windows version, first download and install SILKYPIX DS Pro8 8.0.5 (or a later, newer version) before submitting a support request.
  1. http://www.silkypix.us/silkypix-8-0-5-0-silkypix-7-1-14
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